Thailand - Aranyaprathet - 5 Lots of Land

50% Contracard

We have 5 lots of land available in Aranyaprathet.

Three lots located on Sukumvit Rd, adjacent to the Big C Shopping Centre.

Lot1: 1Rai - 3M Thai Baht $125,000)

Lot 2: ¾ Rai plus Lot 3: ½ Rai – 3M Thai Baht ($125,000)

5 Ria on the Cambodian Highway.
Price: 3M Thai Baht ($125,000)

10 Ria on the Cambodian Highway.
Price: 6M Thai Baht ($250,000)

Both the large blocks are under potato plantation and are in the New Designated Free Trade Zone, which will make these lots even more valuable in 12 to 18 months as many companies are becoming involved in manufacturing in the area.

We have these 5 Lots of land at Aranyaprathet, Thailand available priced from 3M Thai Baht ($125,000) to 6M Thai Baht ($250,000) with the seller accepting (50%) Contracard Trade Dollars as part payment.

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