Trade and Grow

Sell excess inventory, capacity or production to a new market of buyers locally & worldwide. Then, trade for the Products and Services you want instead of spending cash to improve cash flow and grow your business.

It’s simple. Trade companies are third party record keepers just like banks and credit card companies. When you join the iTrade Earth Caribbean exchange, you get a trade account, which is much like your business checking account at your bank except that deposits and payments to your trade account are made with Trade Credit instead of cash. And, one Trade Dollar = one cash dollar.

Unlike direct trading, iTrade Earth Caribbean exchange members enjoy multi-party trading, so that when you provide your product or service, you are not limited to receiving the product or service of the person or company you traded with.

With your exchange membership, in addition to your cash checking account at your bank, you will also have your trade checking account. Each time you spend Trade Dollars instead of cash for the products, services, travel and advertising you need, you conserve cash. And, we will refer new business to you from new customers that you most probably would never have had.

With online trade commerce enabled multi-party trading, Mr. Green, the massage therapist, who earned $800 Trade Credit by filling empty appointment slots with exchange members, can get a new sign for his business from Mr. Blue, the owner of local sign and printing shop, who can trade for office cleaning services from Miss Violet. Miss Violet uses the Trade Credit she earned from cleaning Mr. Blues shop each week, to get a massage for herself and her husband, keeping them in tip top physical shape for her cleaning business.

Most businesses that join the iTrade Earth Caribbean exchange can anticipate getting 15% to 20% in additional new sales from buyers referred to you by the exchange that will pay you in Trade Credit for your products, services, excess inventory or capacity. Then, use your new found revenue from those sales to pay for purchases instead of using cash. The cash savings goes right to your bottom line profit!

Get your share of this enormous business potential and Join iTrade Earth today!